China Work Visa Application Instructions

What you Must Know about Acquiring China Work Visa

To work abroad or be employed in another country, there is required to cover the official groundwork. If you get an opportunity to work overseas, you need to have an official work visa in order to enter and work legally in a foreign land. In order to work in China you must complete all the legal formalities relating to work Visa (Z-Visa). Failing to comply with these terms can lead to a penalty of 50,000 RMB on you and your employer.

From the moment you enter China, your identification details will be registered in the national database and tracked accordingly. It is of high importance that you privy yourself with all the China work Visa requirements. Remember that these conditions are subject to change regularly without any notice. Therefore, you must ensure that you are well-informed about China’s rules and regulations on work Visa. Before you leave your home country, make certain that you have applied for and obtained a Visa. When you land in China you can present the requisite papers, along with your passport, hence legally entering China.

When you arrive in China,
1.You must register with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) – After your arrival in China, within 48 hours you must register with the Public Security Bureau.
2.Second, you have to undergo and clear a medical examination. This procedure is completely non-invasive and must be completed within a month of your arrival in China.
3.The third step is, acquire a foreign expert or work certificate. After a week of clearing your medical examination, the foreign expert/work certificate or Red Book can be issued.
4.Clear an interview with PSB. In some cities in China, you could be called in for an interview with a PSB personnel.
5.Finally, a resident permit. Your employer must obtain your residence permit for you. Obtaining this is essential in order to work legally in China.

To be employed on a legal China work Visa, you must have the following.

  • Z-Visa or Working Visa in China
  • Foreign Expert or work certificate
  • A resident permit

There are three other types of Visas. One is the tourist or ‘L’ Visa, second, ‘F’ Visa or business Visa, and the third, ‘X’ or student Visa. Here is a brief about other Visa types in China.

The Z-Visa – this allows you to enter China with an intention to work. This can also be called a China work Visa. This is a single-entry Visa that is only valid for 30 days after arriving in China. In order to get approval for a Z Visa, you must have a letter of invitation from your employer, a work permit that your employer needs to obtain on your behalf and a medical clearance. China only issues the Z-Visa for those who they are considered experts in their fields. The perfect example is being a native English teacher will be allowed to teach English in China. Moreover, an individual with Master’s Degree and quantifiable work experience and professional accreditation qualifies you for a Z-Visa.

Before applying for a work Visa in China you must remember that each state may have a different set of rules and regulation. You need to be fully equipped with updated knowledge to comply with China Visa approval policies.