Guidelines for a Hong Kong Work Visa

Top Five Jobs in Hong Kong- A Guide for People with Hong Kong Work Visas

The employment market of Hong Kong is the one to look out for today. Many people from all around the world harbor the dream to travel here on a Hong Kong work Visa and explore a vast range of opportunities here. Many of you may believe that finding work in Hong Kong is challenging, but that is certainly a misconception clearing out quickly now. With the right kind of expertise, professional and educational background, finding a work opportunity here won’t be that complicated. All you would need to do is to provide that the job you wish to take up can only be done by you and not any other local resident who can also fill up the position.

There are a handful of specific work industries which can prove to be quite lucrative in terms of employment for expats in Hong Kong. Here is a list and a detailed prospective to various booming industries here in Hong Kong and how these can be fruitful for expatriates.

Banking and Finance - majority of employed expats in Hong Hong are working in the banking and finance sector. Almost all have shifted here on temporary contracts from their home offices or headquarters in New York, London, Paris, etc. Although, acquiring a job in this sector is highly unlikely, nevertheless, it isn’t entirely impossible. It is imperative for you to be affluent based on past experience with a certain bank or in the Asian financial sector.

Teaching - Getting a job of an English teacher is perhaps the easiest way to get employed in Hong Kong. However, in case of other languages such as French and German, opportunities for teacher are limited. The educational qualification and skills requirement for teaching English in Hong Kong is relatively higher in comparison to other countries. Hong Kong houses a number of highly regarded International schools, where English speaking is promoted. These schools have English as the sole language of instruction, thus, a lot of opportunities for English speaking teachers in various fields, for instance, Science, History, and other subjects. As an English speaking teacher, you must take note of the fact that competition is fierce for such jobs. You must have a Bachelors Degree, and a professional teaching qualification. In addition, a year or two of experience in teacher is also required in several cases. A plus point for teachers here is that the pay and facilities are excellent.

Publishing and Media - People who wish to work on a Hong Kong work Visa will find a number of local and international publishing houses and media organizations to associate with. The Hong Kong magazine, Time Out, and the South China Morning Post Magazine are some some local print magazine who often hires English speaking expat with relative experience. However, you must possess require a degree and experience in journalism, otherwise finding a job in this field is next to impossible.

Hospitality Industry - Hong Kong has excellent employment opportunities for expats with work Visas and a quantifiable background in hotel and hospitality work. From a hotel manager to a concierge, cities are packed with international chains with lucrative contracts.